Spring cultural agenda

Spring cultural agenda “Spain, a country where 10.5% of its GDP comes from tourism, should be spearheading the reinvention of the hotel sector worldwide.”   The tourist season starts early in Spain. 19th to 23rd January were the month’s notable dates as Feria de Madrid hosted the FITUR International Tourism Trade Fair. Soon to be […]

Las grandes citas del turismo

Agenda cultural de primavera. Las grandes citas del turismo “España, un país donde el 10,5% de su PIB proviene del sector turístico, debería ser cabeza de lanza en la reinvención del sector hotelero a escala mundial”. Carlota Mateos, directora de Marketing de Rusticae (The Goodlife Company) En España, la temporada turística empieza pronto. Del 19 […]

Barcelona Brand

Barcelona Brand   When you think of Barcelona and of the names of prestigious firms, three or four examples come immediately to mind to anyone involved in marketing. This is the case of Natura Bissé cosmetics, the clothing brand Mango and Custo Barcelona, who began adding the city’s name to theirs in 1996, tired of […]

Real Estate

Why Russian Buyers Choose Barcelona By Andrew Hawkes – Patron Property Services. Earlier this year, a major survey was conducted by leading Russian property magazine International Residence at the Moscow International Investment Show. It revealed that Spain is in the top 3 destinations for the buyers in the $12 billion Russian overseas property market. Barcelona […]